Pandi Pandi Station

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Kidman, the name most widely held in cattle history of the Birdsville Track. Sidney Kidman was truly a remarkable cattleman and is well covered in so many articles and books pertaining to the track and other place.

A short list of the Kidman stations of the late 1800's includes :- Owen Springs. Alton Downs. Cowarie. Caryapundy. Mount Nor’West and Pandi Pandi. Roseberth. Tickalara, Eringa and Austral Downs. Sandringham, Lake Albert and Victoria River Downs. Lake Elder. Bullo Downs. Glengyle and Peake Downs. Yancannia. Carandotta and Tindara…

In 1876-77 Thomas Pain, born in 1815, England and died 4th March 1882, `Bowra' Station, Cunnamulla QLD, leased Pandi Pandi Station, with his eldest son, Tom Jr.

The "Queensland Government Gazette" of August 1881 lists Thomas Pain as owner of `Thargomindah' Station. Tom Jnr was accidently shot in 1888. Life in the bush was tough in those days.

A human tragedy was to occur on Pandi in the late 1920's. It is now rarely mentioned in the history of the track but for those people there, it was very well known. The short story begins in Birdsville as it was one of the major centres for ceremonies and exchange of pituri, ochre and artefacts, by the local Aboriginal people. It may have been Yarluyandi people who were killed in a tragedy on Pandi

The people of the area during those times built large humpies with wood and and branches and in wet weather would waterproof them with a clay covering. The structure would then have been very heavy

It is told that dogs burrowed down on the branch supports causing the humpie to collapse. The fires which were kept continually burning inside were then fuelled by the collpased roof, trapping all inside and burning them to death.

Life today on the sprawling cattle station south of Birdsville is not about survival and cattlemen mustering. Louise Oldfield or Lou as she prefers, has been flying charter work in the area since 2009. It was during this season that she met her now husband. Clayton Oldfield who is a descendent of the Oldfield family so well known along the track.

Lou graduated from Swinburne University of Technology & Engineering with her commercial pilots licence and initially work at Moorabbin Airport in Administration. Life took her from there to the family run farms in the Dunkeld district of Victoria.

Lou Oldfield

Lou Oldfield

Cattle and the call of the outback brought Lou to Pandi where in 2010 she set up her own charter aviation company, Central Eagle Aviation.

Clayton Oldfield

Clay Oldfield - Manager, Pandi Pandi Station

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